Breakfast - Sporthotel Platz

Breakfast & half board at Hotel Platz near Ortisei

Make me breakfast
and I’ll stay here forever!

It’s 7:30, time to get up. The first rays of sunlight are filtering through the peaks of the Odles and dancing on your bed, and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee is wafting through the air. Put on your slippers and go down to the stube, because the early bird gets the worm.

The nicest thing about your holiday is the breakfast buffet in the morning. Try all our delicious treats.

Our cheerful breakfast staff are ready and waiting, to give you a good start to another wonderful day. Our special breakfast menu is already on the table, with a choice of dishes based on eggs, all laid by happy hens. A good cappuccino or caffè latte is just what you need for an energy boost. We use the very best coffee beans and organic hay milk from the mountain farmers of South Tyrol.

Breakfast - Sporthotel Platz Breakfast - Hotel Platz Breakfast - Hotel Platz

Happiness in a pan

Good food should make you happy! True to our maxim, we take particular care over making our high quality cuisine.
The trend over recent years has been towards using more local and seasonal foods – and we are part of this movement. But eating healthily shouldn’t mean sacrificing taste. We care about this, and so have created a cuisine that is much enjoyed by both our hotel and restaurant guests.

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We also attach great importance to supporting smaller businesses and try to make our contribution by buying from them. That’s why we’ve chosen to buy organic hay milk from small mountain farmers, as well as South Tyrolean finferli mushrooms and many other local products. Our chefs use aromatic herbs from our garden to add extra flavour to our dishes.

Good food should
make you happy!
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