Bulla 13 Gin - Hotel Platz

Leos “BULLA 13”-Gin

Gin ist In!

Leo is an avid gin drinker. But unfortunately, until recently, he’d never encountered a gin that didn’t leave him with a terrible headache after a successful party.  So, he decided to create his own gin, Bulla Gin. He had particular criteria for his Bulla Gin: it had to be fruity with a touch of juniper, and not taste strongly of alcohol like many other gins, because one should be able to enjoy more than just one glass. It had to be a premium gin of the highest quality.

Bulla Gin - Hotel Platz Bulla Gin - Sporthotel Platz Bulla Gin Bulla Gin - Hotel Platz

Why Bulla 13? 13 is a lucky number for Bulla Gin: it’s the street number of our business in the little village of Bulla. More especially, Bulla Gin is made with 13 fantastic herbs, including gentian, lemon, mint, cranberry, juniper and many others. They are picked on the Alpe di Siusi and put straight into our distiller. To guarantee quality, we only use pure grain alcohol and our herbs are subjected to medical checks.

Take the taste of Italian summer home with you, with Bulla Gin and Alpex Italian Tonic Water! The delicious flavours of fresh lemon and mint and the fruity tang of cranberries give this gin a completely unique taste. The gin gets its special flavour from the fresh mountain air, plus the juniper and gentian. Bulla Mule, Gin and Tonic or Glühgin, the sky’s the limit!