Hotel Platz
Yesterday and today

The Platz is a place with tradition and a long history.

A wood engraving in the old Tyrolean parlor (Stube) narrates that in the 17th century a farmhouse called “the Platz” stood where the hotel is today. The ancestors of the current owners, the Kasslatter family, farmed for many generations until about 100 years ago, when Joseph and Marianna Kasslatter (grandparents of the current owners) gradually turned the farm into an inn.

The first overnight guests were farmers who came by looking for work and stayed overnight at the Platz. And today?

The Platz has become a rendezvous for guests from all over the world and a place that stands out from conformity because of its uniqueness, which has preserved something of its ancient history.

Reap what you sow!

The current managers are brothers Leopold and Andreas Kasslatter. Their grandparents were among the pioneers of tourism in the region, those who would go down to bring guests from Ortisei with the horse-drawn carriages, and if by chance the beds in the house were not enough, they would set up the stable of the farm to accommodate everyone in the best possible way.

Their parents Emmerich and Marianna Kasslatter, enlarged Sporthotel Platz, making it more comfortable and modern.

From the beginning the Platz was always an international, cheerful and friendly place. This has continued over time and Leopold Kasslatter, the innkeeper and trained chef does his best to maintain this legacy. He himself grew up in the hotel with his parents and five siblings and has always dealt with the management and worked diligently from the start.

No wonder it is a genuine labor of love for him and his family to uphold tradition: a welcoming hotel with lots of atmosphere and guests to be pampered!